The Merri Merri Kids Club has two components:
Farm play, for kids up to 5 years old

+ Citizen Science - an afterschool program for kids aged 7 - 13


Farm Play
10am - 12am Tuesday Mornings @ CERES, Joe's Market Garden
Child-led, hands-on explorations on the farm and the Merri creek - engaging with what is in season. We plant seeds, make puppets of endangered local animals, investigate local mini beasts and insects, climb the tracktor, make plant crafts (ie seed bombs and foraged insense sticks), make damper, make fires, sing and have a good time.


Citizen Science Program
4 - 5:30 @ CERES Joe's Market Garden
Hands-on, child-led, playful study of the Merri Creek and the farm, building eco-literacy, farm/bush skills and confidence as well as a love of nature.
Activities vary with the seasons, including farming, bush crafts, paint making (and painting), building insect hotels, climbing trees, bird watching, fire/damper making, firing clay crafts in the coals, and fire-side story telling, etc. Mostly we have fun.

in 2019, we visited Djap Wurrung Embassy (as the Merri Merri Strike Club), in solidarity with the Djap Wurrung.
We were also lucky to have Costa and Gardening Australia visit us at the farm! Screened on Gardening Australia Feb 14 2020.

Sofia Sabbagh and farmer Emily Connors on Gardening Australia talking about the Merri Merri Kids Club


Saving myrnong seeds

banner making for the Djap Wurrung Embassy

citizen science

Seed Bombs

Damper Making

What skull is this?

Tomato Season

Climate March Banner

Bird watching

Puppet Show

Banner Making

Tomato Forest

Mini Beasts

Good find!