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'Flowering Patterns'

841 x 1188 mm

Earth Pigments, seeds and pencil on paper

Pigments respecfully foraged from Wurundjeri Country


excerpt from conversation with flying fox expert and enthusiast:


'You know how they got their name fruit bats?
In actual fact they’ll go for the nectar or blossoms first but when there isn’t enough in the area then they’ll go for somebody’s mango tree or something like that.

It's a shame because they’re misunderstood ... if we didn’t have flying foxes all the other things in the environment would disappear, they’re pollinators of the rainforest,

if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have the rainforest trees, so they really are important.

The bee keepers are our informants, so when they say it's the bloodwood thats flowering 

or its the spotted gum that's flowering we know the flying foxes will go to wherever that thing is flowering…'


'Flowering patterns a3 print

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