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a1 poster

on Recycled Paper



Pick up address:

40 York St Reservoir


Seasonal Signpost Calendars map the changes in our environment; helping us to notice the nature and relationships of all the plant and animal species we live with, and to link our personal lives with the cycles of our environment. 



I am a Settler Australian of Irish and Palestinian descent, raised and living on the Merri Creek - Wurundjeri land, where I made my calendar. Their custodianship helped form the rich and spirited land it is today. With gratitude and responsibility, I acknowledge the land I work on.

The calendar, like nature, will always be a work in progress. The more we notice, the more we care, the richer it becomes. Please contact me for a special workshop/program to help implement the Calendar into your classroom, office space.
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A1 Seasonal Signpost, Food Garden and Foraging Calendar

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