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'Silent Creatures'


84 x 119 cm


Natural pigments and pencil on paper

Pigments respecfully foraged from Yaithmatang Country and Widjable-Wiable Country.

There are so many animals around us which we cannot see. So skilled at living inconspiuously in the trees, in the ephemeral hours of dusk and dawn, in the colours and patterns of our own skin. 

I know people who have seen a Powerful Owl on a city lampost, Sacred Kingfishers on the Merri creek, Eltham Copper butterflys on the train line. 
I want to make habitats for the animals I never see, because even if I haven't seen them it's exciting to know that I live with them, and I have something to look out for, to walk gently for, each day, a potential gift if I just notice it. They've lived, hidden in the ecosystem, for so long.



Framed $800

'Silent Creatures' - Original - 84 x 119 cm

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