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Art And Ecology
hosted by  the Little Red Tree House

A workshop facilitated by ecologist Aviva Reed and Sofia Sabbagh 

Enter the forest with an intention to interpret its ecological stories through the practice of your art. This day is sure to re-awaken creative juices long dormant like seeds by dedicating a day to interpreting what you learn about the local ecology through art under the mentorship of artists. We will be exploring the ecological processes of the forest then engaging in print making using plants and botanical illustration with two recognised ecological artists, both with widely varied styles. 



for more of Aviva's work:

For future workshops:

making green paint
painting with the homemade paint
printing with flowers
amazing work!
some great paint brushes were made

Learning plant biology and botanical art was all about experimenting with colours, textures and exploring structures. An art and science workshop in one!

We mixed, crushed, painted and created with flowers, plants and rocks.

Thanks to CERES and Eco Explorers for hosting me!

Art and Plant Biology at Ceres

October 2018

Community Mural 2018

Facilitated mural making and study of the Wurundjeri seasons at CEREs, Joe's Market Garden.

We in Melbourne know that our seasons are unique, yet we still follow the four seasons calendar!
The Wurundjeri people followed the moon, and various signs including the weather patterns, winds, animals, plants. Noticing how one thing leads to another helps us to establish relationships with the Earth.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.04.23 pm
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.04.14 pm




Sensory Botanical Art Classes

with SKINK nursery 2016

A meditative and playful workshop series, engaging with our environment via art.

Exploring Plant Physiology, biology and ecology through techniques of observation drawing and painting.

skink ws

Learn English via Art

September - November 2017

Beit Iksa, Palestine

& Jelazone Girls School

teaching bet iksa
bet iksa

Painting with Natural Dyes

Painting classes at MITA detention 

centre, Melbourne. (2016 + 2017, weekly)

As paint is forbidden in detention,

we would paint with food onto the canvas

plates provided.

To the left is my portrait of Nasir with

Calendula leaf, coffee, beetroot and tea.

Work led to an exhibition at Refugee Week, 2017

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