A healthy ecosystem has diverse organisms which have evolved to live work together for longer than humans have been around. Each organism has multiple roles and unique relationships with each other. Like people, plants develop social dynamics which bring out their character.

To study botany/ecology typically renders plants and our environment as an object; it is clinical and detached. My query was whether I could study ecology and botany, learning about the characters of plants and the relationships with those they live with, via art making with them.

Using plants of my environment, I collaborated with nature, engaging in a kind of conversation which reflects the relationships between elements of the ecosystem - consequently telling the history of this land, and my place within it.

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Hongi #3

Circles in the sky Wedge-Tailed Eagles watch us watch them Euc leaves from The Franklin River, the Tarkine, Tasmania, where the Tasmanian wedgetailed eagle is threatened by logging the The Bob Brown Foundation are holding fort