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Documenting the folk lore in my fathers homeland, Palestine



sketches of the making of mlokheyye

Olive Picking

The Olive Harvest, Drawn in Ni'lin, Section C of Palestine. In the olive harvest season, families gather in the fields. I can hear distant families singing as they pick their olives. We call out to each other, and light a fire for our morning tea. It is a long day of harvesting, and everyone is too busy, but everyone gathers and picks and cooks and eats.

Brushing olives off the tree

Baking bread on the coals in Cobar (like Coburg!) villiage in Palestine, The dough was smothered in fresh olive oil and stuffed with fresh and local zaartar (thyme) and more olive oil. Best bread I've ever eaten.

Mlokheyye Preparing the dried mlokheyye for the winter

For a Tarot Card called 'Resist-Dance'

landscape copy 1

Birzeit Landscape Painted using the stone, dirt, leaves and cigarette butts of the city. (I looked pretty ridiculous, on the street making it!)


Painted with bits of the Earth in Ramallah

All work available as prints

Printed on Cotton

Custom sizes and framing available

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