Merri Merri Kids Club - Farm school and Citizen Science afterschool program for kids,

'Salt Water River'
In Collaboration with Victorian Fisheries Association

A Tree's Worth - An Artist/Scientist collaboration, inviting a reevaluation of the use of 'Ecosystems Services'

Sensory Ecology - collaborating with nature, as ecological enquiry

Belonging - Coming to terms with what it means to be a Settler Australian in the context of contemporary Australia

The Merri Murnong - A Story about Community efforts to respect and learn from First Nation land owners.

Victoria - The Logging State A Comic on Citizen Science and GECO's work to prevent the logging of our rainforests

Facilitating Art and Nature Based Learning

The Short-finned Eel

Commission for Melbourne City of Literature

and paint making experiment

Nature Map - Habitat Corridors of the Moreland City Council

My Seasonal Signpost, Foraging & Food Garden Calendar, made on Wurundjeri Country - product and school program 

Forests for Forests - Murals made for and with the comunity 

Palestine - Homeland, migration, and the plants in between

Commissioned Work

The Garden - Using backyard/foraged materials to make paint  and tell stories of the garden