I was born and raised on Wurundjeri County, on the stolen land of the Merri Merri Clan. Sovereignty has never been ceded. 

Sofia Sabbagh is a sensory ecologist, using story-telling, illustrations and murals to celebrate the local ecology, and explore her role in the environment, as a Settler Australian.

Her work is also informed by her Palestinian and Irish heritage, and the fight for land/earth rights via stories which generate hope, belonging, and resistance to cultural genocide.

Her work includes the publication ‘Belonging’ (2017), and ‘The Seasonal Signpost Calendar on Wurundjeri Country’ (2018).

As well as a freelance artist, she works as an eco-literacy educator for FoodWeb and is the founder of the Merri Merri Kids Club, plant lore and farm school for kids and families (now a CERES program).

community painting.jpg

Sofia Sabbagh co-facilitating a community mural with Tamara Corinthwaite.
Working with the community, found materials (dirt, grass, leaves, bark) and paints to illustrate local plants and animals. Alice Springs, 2018